I love when a client gives me free rein on their cake.  They tell me, “Just see what you can come up with”  and immediately my mind starts racing.  I have seldom created the same cake twice so each order is unique and different.  This makes my job exciting and challenging.   I crave the create-ability! I grab the pencil and clean paper and let my imagination flow! I create one sketch and send it to my client.  Once they have responded I can make changes if needed or create a whole other sketch. Luckily, this hasn’t happened before.

SCAN0059 - Copy

I read some good advice when I was starting out “Never design anything you would not be able to create”.  Common sense right?  Well, it is something I have to keep in mind while designing because although I want every cake to be a new challenge and earn more experience, I also want to be realistic and follow through.  So every design I make I am confident I can create before I send it to my client.  I’ve already built each layer, covered it with fondant,created the decorations…in my head.  And even though I haven’t created it before, I know I will be able to.

SCAN0060 - Copy

I had an idea for a family tree cake come to me one evening while I was driving home from my day job.  I thought about it a few more times that evening but never put it on paper.  The idea kept coming up over the next few days until I finally sat down and sketched it.

When you allow yourself to be creative the inspiration will flow!


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