Drawing again!

1236871_1441588666067136_2008646949_nOne of the great benefits of Nay’s Kitchen is that I am drawing again.  I had no idea how much I missed it.  A gun cake was requested for a surprise birthday.  Although I had never attempted to create one before,  I felt I could accept the challenge. This was the design I came up with and it was approved.  I created a 10 inch cake.  With a knife, I began cutting.  I decided to form the trigger and finger grip separate.  Looking back, next time I will take the risk and keep it all one piece.  Once I had the gun carved out I carefully cut the cake in two layers.  I added my icing and then put the cake back together again. Camouflage was requested and so I covered the gun in the marshmallow fondant I had made.  I decided to carve out the trigger and finger grip in one piece with the cake I had left over.  Covering the trigger and finger grip with fondant was a little time-consuming but I finally got it together and attached it to the gun with icing.  The grip on the handle was made with marshmallow  fondant and I used the tip of a knife to create the holes.  The bullets are fondant as well as the site on top.

Here is the finished cake!



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