Sugar Spice & Everything Nice



That’s what little girls are made of!  I had the best time creating this baby shower cake!  I had never made this one before but was ready for the challenge.  I decided to make each section separately and then place them all together once complete.  The baby’s bottom was a ball of marshmallow fondant with the sides slightly indented for the legs to fit into.  You could also mold Rice Krispies for the bottom and then cover in fondant.  The legs and feet and also toes were formed by hand separately and then joined together with a dab of water using a paint brush. ??????????


In order to get the flesh color for the baby’s legs, feet and toes, I used the smallest amount of Wilton’s brown icing color to my fondant until I got the desired color.  I was really pleased with the baby blanket!  Because I do not have any fancy tools or molds, I have to get creative.  I colored my fondant using Wilton’s pink icing and then rolled it out.  Using a knife, I made the criss -cross pattern covering the entire blanket.  Then, I used a fork to make the holes to give it a kind of quilt look.  One of my favorite cakes!


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